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Detonation rocket engine  detonation engine  pulse detonation rocket engine

Japan's JAXA succeeds in launching the world's first next-generation
"shock wave" engine rocket  July 27, 2021

A shock wave rocket engine is a method that ejects an ultra-high-speed
shock wave that explodes inside a cylinder. In other words, "shock wave"
Mach 8.3 is continuously generated and propelled.

JAXA has succeeded in developing a method of continuously operating a
"shock wave" in a cylindrical shape at high speed in a rotating spiral
shape and a rocket engine operating in a pulse shape.

The world's first rocket equipped with this rotary detonation and pulse
detonation engine succeeded in launching a small observation satellite on July 27.

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The current rocket engine obtains thrust by a jet injection
method that burns oxygen and fuel, but the next-generation
rocket engine can reduce the size of the rocket engine to 1/10
in the blast shock wave detonation propulsion that explodes the fuel.

The fastest rocket exhaust speed is the jet injection speed of
a solid rocket, which is the limit at Mach 7, but the detonation
method can obtain an exhaust speed of Mach 8.3, and the discharge
pressure is 10 times or more, that is, conventional It will be
launched by a 1/10 small rocket.

In other words, it enables the image of launching with just
the Space Shuttle itself. This is the next-generation rocket engine.
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